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Sales Aptitude Profile
Apply this psychology profile to hire top performers, convert more leads and maximise revenue. Understand the person behind the sale to uncover the key strengths and weaknesses in existing and potential salespeople.

Based on extensive research, this powerful tool will give you a science-based method to uncover the sales ability and potential of your people. It can be used when hiring or in helping your existing team to flourish, revealing their full potential.

What does it measure?

The Sales AP assesses 8 core competencies. These are Achievement Motivation; Assertiveness; Competitiveness; Composure; Sociability; Persuasion; Self-Confidence; and Selling-Related Knowledge.

Why is it important?

This precise and comprehensive view of sales strengths and weaknesses is a powerful recruitment tool. But it also demystifies what makes top salespeople so successful, so that you can develop these skills across your organisation.

Reliability & Validity

The Sales AP is backed up by strong science. It shows high reliability, meaning that if retested under similar conditions, the results are consistent.

It also shows high validity. This means it’s precise in reflecting the qualities you have set out to measure. This has held up over years of research findings and business practice around the world.

Our certification

You will become fully certified to use the Sales AP tool to assess your current and potential people across 8 core sales competencies. After you complete your certification, we will provide on-going support so you can stay confident and creative when using the tool in your organisation.

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Self-paced, usually takes 2-3 hours
€ 840 

Online self-paced

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