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PQ10 Personality Profile
Gain the ability to map a person’s patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. See personalities in a more tangible way so you can transform your hiring process and help your existing employees to unleash their potential.

With a vast range of applications, this tool reveals someone’s patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. You can use this knowledge to hire and manage people in a way that unlocks their full potential.

Why is it important?

We all know that personality plays a big part in the effectiveness of an organisation. This profile helps you assess personalities in a scientific way, using modern psychometric and neuroscientific models.

What does it measure?

De Young et al (2010) identified 10 aspects of personality. You will discover where your people lie on the scale for these ten traits and ultimately how they score for Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness and Emotional Stability.

Reliability & Validity

This assessment has proven scientific rigour, and is officially registered with the British Psychological Society. It shows strong reliability. If retested under similar conditions, the results are consistent.

It also has very high validity. This means it’s precise in reflecting the qualities you have set out to measure. This has held up over years of research findings and business practice.

Our certification

Our BPS accredited training qualifies you to administer and interpret the Podium365 Suite of assessments, including the PQ10 assessment. Whether you use the tool for recruitment or development, we provide on-going support so that you can remain confident as you apply this powerful tool in your business.

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