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Discovery Leadership Profile (DLP)
Gain vital insight into your managers’ leadership skills, and learn how to harness them more effectively. Discover how to use your leaders to boost performance across your whole organisation.

What does it measure?

The DLP assesses 10 key leadership competencies. These include: Direction and Strategy; Communication and Influence; Follow-through and Accountability; Decision Making and Problem Solving; Team Management; Self Management; Change and Innovation; Trust and Integrity; and Developing or Mentoring others.

Why is it important?

The right leadership is vital to a successful business. So a scientific method of identifying and developing the very best leaders can have a huge impact on your organisation.

Reliability & Validity

The Discovery Leadership Profile shows strong reliability. If retested under similar conditions, the results are consistent.

The DLP also has very high validity. This means it’s precise in reflecting the qualities you have set out to measure. This has held up over years of research findings and business practice around the world.

Our certification

You will become fully certified to assess leadership potential using the DLP’s 10 key competencies. This will allow you to understand the strengths of your people as well as the areas that need development. We will provide on-going support so that you can identify and train your leaders with utmost confidence.

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Self-paced, usually takes 3-4 hours
€ 840 

Online self-paced

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