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Gain the skills to measure a person’s ‘dark side’. Identify the derailing or unproductive behaviours that will emerge when they’re under pressure. Become adept at predicting and avoiding friction so that your people and organisation can thrive.

Based on the Big-5 Personality Model, this tool reveals the ‘dark side’ of a person’s personality traits. It measures the derailing or unproductive behaviours that may emerge when they’re under pressure.

Why is it important?

Our personal traits like competitiveness, diligence or unconventionality can result in a number of positive behaviours that help an organisation thrive. Meanwhile, each trait has an associated ‘dark side’, with limiting and counterproductive behaviours.

Predicting the risk of this behaviour can greatly improve people-management and performance in your organisation.

What does it measure?

The Derailers assessment measures the risk of a person exhibiting these ‘dark side’ behaviours based on their individual character traits.

Reliability & Validity

The Derailers assessment shows strong reliability. If retested under similar conditions, the results are consistent.

The tool also has very high validity. This means it’s precise in reflecting the qualities you have set out to measure. This has held up over years of research findings and business practice around the world.


Our certification

Our BPS and EFPA accredited training qualifies you to administer and interpret the Podium365 Suite of assessments, including the Derailers assessment. Whether you use the tool for recruitment or development, we provide on-going support so that you can remain confident as you apply this powerful tool in your business.

20 years of trusted science
Fully accredited
2 day course
Expert instructors


4 Days
€ 830 


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