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Change Style Indicator
Uncover how your people perceive change and how they deal with situations that involve change. Use this knowledge to plan for change in a way that helps your people and your organisation thrive.

Use this assessment to gain vital insight into how your people perceive change, how they respond to it, and how they implement change themselves.

What does it measure?

There are different ways to respond to change. One one end of the scale, Conservers prefer changes to be structured and gradual. On the other end, Originators prefer quick and radical change. Pragmatists lie in-between the two, and prefer to react objectively to the situation at hand.

The Change Style Indicator allows you to discover where your people lie along this scale.

Why is it important?

When you can understand how your people perceive and implement change, you can help them thrive in an evolving world and cultivate strong leaders who will transform your organisation for the better.

Reliability & Validity

The Change Style indicator is a powerful scientific tool. It shows high reliability, meaning that if retested under similar conditions, the results are consistent.

It also shows high validity, meaning that it is precise in reflecting the qualities it sets out to measure.

Our certification

You will become fully certified to put the Change Style Indicator into practice. However we will still provide on-going post-accreditation support so that you can remain confident and creative when you use the tool to enhance your business.

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Self-paced, usually takes 3-4 hours
€ 840 

Online self-paced

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