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Assess your people’s critical reasoning using real-world workplace scenarios. Acumen measures both numerical and verbal reasoning in a way that gives you an immediate view of practical applications in your organisation.

Acumen is a powerful tool to uncover a person’s critical reasoning skills. What sets it apart from traditional tests is that it uses contemporary interactive formats to assess reasoning in real-world scenarios.

Text messages, blogs, bubble charts and project apps are all used to present the information during the test, This keeps the test-taker engaged, but also emulates more accurately a real workplace environment.

What does Acumen measure?

Acumen assesses critical numerical reasoning and critical verbal reasoning, revealing how a person processes and interprets information, and crucially, how they draw conclusions from it.

Why is it important?

A comprehensive measure of critical reasoning helps you discover who has a talent for understanding complex arguments, identifying trends and drawing strong, logical conclusions from the information at hand. This can have a huge impact on the selection and development of your people, and on the success of your organisation.

Reliability & Validity

Acumen is a robust tool that stands up to scientific rigour. It shows strong reliability. If retested under similar conditions, the results are consistent.

The assessment also has very high validity. This means it’s precise in reflecting the qualities you have set out to measure. This has held up over years of research findings and business practice around the world

Our certification

Our BPS accredited training qualifies you to administer and interpret the Podium365 Suite of assessments, including the Acumen assessment. Whether you use the tool for recruitment or development, we provide on-going support so that you can remain confident as you apply this powerful tool in your business.

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